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Hope Solo

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Q: Who is considered the best womens soccer goalie?
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Who is the best soccer goalie in history?

The best goalie in history is Jorge Campoz

Who is the best player on the US womens 2010 soccer team?

Probaly Abby Wombach.

Who is the best hockey player in the NHL?

Well, there is no BEST player in the NHL, so I will list many of them.Sidney CrosbyAlexander OvechkinJonathan ToewsPavel DatsyukSteven StamkosHenrik Lundqvist (Goalie)Nicklas LidstromShea WeberMartin St. LouisHenrik ZetterbergZdeno CharaPatrick KaneClaude GirouxDuncan KeithRyan GetzlafCorey PerryChris ProngerTim Thomas (Goalie)Marion HossaRich NashJoe ThorntonCarey Price (Goalie)Pekka Rinne (Goalie)Patrick SharpJarome IginlaMike RichardsRyan SuterAntti Niemi (Goalie)So yeah, is that enough? It is in no specific order, so any of them could be considered the "Best Player in the NHL"

Who is the best soccer goalie ever?

the best soccer player ever is cassilas on Spain2. It is hard to make these claims, but the name of one goalie always gets tossed around as the best goalie ever and that's Dino Zoff. Dino Zoff played with Italian team Juventus for most of his career and won the World Cup in 1982, in Spain, at age 40 (the oldest player ever to win). He has the record for longest time without allowing goals, at 1142 minutes. Other vote Lev Yashin as the best goalie. Yashin was nicknamed "The Black Spider" for his color jersey and how he looked like he had eight legs in saving countless balls on goal. English Gordon Banks also is ranked high in this group.

Which Brazilian soccer player is considered to be the best of all time?

The Brazilian Pele is considered the greatest ever with over a thousand goals to his name.

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