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Q: Who is the best french rugby player?
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Who is best player in French rugby team?

Aureline rougerie

How do you say my best sport is rugby in french?

"Mon sport préféré est le rugby."

What is 'rugby league' when translated from English to French?

Rugby à treize and rugby à XIII are French equivalents of the English phrase "rugby league." The phrase refers to 13-player rugby league football, with the first example referencing in a word what the second reveals in numbers. The pronunciation will be "ryoog-bee a trehz" in French.

Why is Jonah lomu famous to New Zealandand why?

Well duhh he is a famous rugby player well actually the best rugby player well he was so if you don't agree well you just ain't a rugby fan and he was the best rugby winger in the world

Who is presently the best rugby player?

Victor Matfield

Who is the best living rugby player?

Victor Matfield

Who is best rugby player in piggot?

Mr Prince

Who is the best rugby player in ireland?

Brian O'Driscoll

How do you say playing rugby in French?

To play rugby is 'jouer au rugby' in French.

Who is max carpenter?

Max Carpenter is a all form legend at rugby he is known to be the best rugby player in the world (question awnsered if type in best rugby player) and is known to score 200 tries in his 50 cap career

Who is currently the best rugby player in the world?

jarrod hayne

Who is regarded as the best rugby player ever?

jarrod hayne