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Well duhh he is a famous Rugby player well actually the best rugby player well he was so if you don't agree well you just ain't a rugby fan

and he was the best rugby winger in the world

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 15:05:41
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Q: Why is Jonah lomu famous to New Zealandand why?
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What culture is Jonah lomu?

Jonah Lomu is from New Zealand but is of Tongan heritage.

What is Jonah Lomu famous for?

Jonah Lomu is former rugby player for New Zealand. He is famous for his lightening speed and massive tackles while playing. In the process, he became the highest try scorer in the Rugby World Cup.

Why is Jonah lomu famous to New Zealand?

caue hex black like u cody

Who are famous Tongans?

Jonah Lomu - New Zealand All Blacks Lilith Affairs - Oahu, Hawaii

Is Jonah lomu tongan?

No hes a New Zealander

Who is the biggest rugby player in history?

Jonah Lomu - New Zeeland

How many internatinal rugby teams did Jonah lomu play for?

One only. New Zealand

Why Did Jonah Lomu's Dad Move To New Zealand?

because new zealand is the country god made last as the jewel in earths crown. DER

What movie and television projects has Jonah Lomu been in?

Jonah Lomu has: Played himself in "Quelli che... il calcio" in 1993. Played Himself - Judge in "Miss World 1998" in 1998. Played himself in "V Graham Norton" in 2002. Played Himself - Competitor in "Famous and Fearless" in 2011. Played himself in "River Deep, Mountain High: James Nesbitt in New Zealand" in 2013.

How many tries did Jonah Lomu score?

Jonah Lomu scored 37 tries in Test matches for the All Blacks. A further 26 tries in Super rugby, 18 in provincial rugby in New Zealand and 1 for Cardiff in Wales. He also played for 3 games for Marseille in France but did not score.

Famous New Zealand sports people?

Peter Snell John Walker Danyon Loader Jack Lovelock Anne Audain Jonah Lomu Colin Meads Erin Baker Valerie Vili Beatrice Faumuina Simon Peolman Micheal Campbell

Who scored the most tries in the 1995 rugby world cup?

Jonah Lomu and Mark Ellis, both representing New Zealand, each scored 7 tries in the tournament.

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