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Rick Barry of coarse He shoot over 90% morely EVERY YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It’s Steve Nash

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Q: Who is the best free throw shooter in NBA history?
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Who is the deadliest FT shooter in NBA History?

Mark Price is the best free throw shooter in NBA history with a percentage of .9039. He is the only player who averaged over 90% free throw shooting in NBA history.

Who is the best clutch free throw shooter in NBA history?

Steve Nash, plays for the Phoenix Suns, born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, is the best clutch free throw shooter in NBA history. However, Dirk Nowitzki has emerged as a very clutch free-throw shooter, making more than 95% of his free-throws that he shoots in the fourth quarter.

Who is the best free throw shooter this season?

Kobe Bryant

Who is the best free throw shooter in team Richmond?

Ronnie bodik

Who is the best at free throws in basketball?

The best free throw shooter of all time is Mark Price.

Top free throw shooter in the university of Maryland men's basketball history?

greg manning

Who is the greatest free throw shooter in NBA history?

in 1981, Calvin Murphy had the highest free throw percentage with 95.8% For a career it is Mark Price at 90.3%.

Who is the worst free throw shooter in NBA history?

As of February 1, 2008 Shaq's career FT pct is 52.4 and Wallace's is 41.9. Ben Wallace is thus the NBA's worst free-throw shooter of all-time.

Who is the best free throw shooter in the 08-09 season in the NBA?

That would be Jose Calderon.

When does a player enter the free throw lane after a free throw is shot?

When the shooter release theball

Best professional free throw shooter in 2010?

Steve Nash shoots 94% as of February 22

Is it a violation to talk during a free throw?

No, not that I ever heard of. It maybe if you are talking to the free throw shooter.

Who has the best free throw percentage in history?

Jerry West

How many feet are in a free throw line?

None. If the shooter has his foot in (on) the free-throw line, the shot is disallowed and considered a missed free throw.

Who is the worst free throw shooter ever?

Ben Wallace

Is it a violation if a free throw shooter steps on the line?


Who is the best college basketball free throw shooter ever?

ray Allen 95% throughout his Connecticut career

What is the probability that a 42 free throw shooter will miss the next free throw?

There is a 58% chance they are going to miss.

Who is the worst free throw shooter in the nba 2010?

Kobe Bryant

Who is the best free throw shooter in ncaa?

I believe that the best shooter was Paul Cluxton from 1997. He made 94/94 shots in 1 season. He still makes from 92-99/100 everyday now

Who is the best shooter in the NCAA?

Jaycee Carroll from Utah State. 51% 3 Point 93% Free Throw and he shoots A BUNCH

Can a player talk to the shooter of a free throw during a foul shot?


What is free throw in basketball?

A free throw is a free shot (shot at the free throw line) awarded for a few circumstances. If a player is fouled while shooting (or the fouling team is over the foul limit), then the player will shoot two or three free throws depending on where they were standing when they shot the ball. A free throw is also awarded to the best free throw shooter when the other team receives a technical foul.

How many attackers not including the shooter stand around the key on a free throw?


How is the NCAA free throw shooter determined?

The individual that was fouled, or in the case of a "technical foul", the coach may determine the shooter.