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Chelsea is obvisouly, everyone knows that!

Blue is the colour, football is the game!

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Q: Who is the best football team in English football?
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Who is the best English football team?

Arsnel is the best football team.

What English football team is the best?


What is the best English premier league football team?


Who is the best English football team league?

Premeir Leauge !!!

Who are the best football team?

Without a doubt, Liverpool FC are the best football team in the world!! Not only are they the most successful English football team in history, but they have amazing fans who will support them forever. Manchester United are officially the worst football team ever.

Which English premier league football team is considered to be the best?

Manchester united

Best supported English team in Ireland?

Manchester United Football Club

Which English football team has 5 R's in its name?

The English football team who has 5 R's in the conference league is Kidderminster Harriers. A English football team that has four R's in its name is the Tranmere Rovers.

What English city does not have a football team?

English cities that does not have a football team are:Winterton,Catterick,Seamer.....

Do you have to be English to play for England football team?

yes you do or have an English passport to play for England football team

Who areManchester United FC?

Man Utd are a English football team who are probably the best team in the country because they have won 19 premier league titles which is the best cup in the world of football CHAMPIONS.

What is Justin Bieber's favourite English football team?

Justin biebers favourate english football team is chelsea.

What would be the best football team?

Barcelona is the best football team i the world

Who is the best football team in the premier leauge?

Liverpool Football Club is the best football club in the English Premier League because they have won the league 18 times and have also won many other trophies.

What English football team has no vowels?

All English football teams have vowels. In other words, there is no English football team that has no vowels. If you would like to check, see the related link below

Which English football team is known as the Potters?

The English football team which is known as the Potters, is the Stoke City Football Club. It started in 1863, and is the second oldest football club in the world.

What football team are the best?

in England there is a football/soccer team called Liverpool. THEY ARE THE BEST.

The best football team in the world 2009?

Sunderland are the best football team in the world

What English football team does the royal family support?

They like Arsenal F.C the best because they are the team that represent the main London area.

Is Manchester United a football team?

Yes it is a football team in the English Premier League.

What is the nickname for English national football team?

there are no nickname's for any national football team

Who is the best football team in Italy?

interna milan i s the best football team in Italy

Who is the best team in English premier league?

everton football club.obviously

Who is the oldest English football team?

Nottingham forest are the oldest registered football team in the world

With soccer team is the best in the world?

The best team has to be BrazilThis might be so in international football, but in international club football, it has to be that Barcelona is the best; though the club was recently beaten by one of the English clubs - Arsenal or Tottenham Hotspurs.