Who is the best dunker ever played in the NBA?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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vince carter

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Q: Who is the best dunker ever played in the NBA?
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Who is the best nba dunker?

Nate Robinson Nate Robinson is nowere near the best. The best dunker is amere stoudimire follewed by Dwight howard and lebron James

Who are the best NBA dunker's of all time?

AnswerVince carter, easily best dunker ever, he has the best at the 2000 dunk contest, and he has the best during the olympic games. Micheal JordanJulius Erving "Dr. J"kobe bryantDominique WilkinsLebron JamesKenny Walker "Sky"Jason RichardsonSpud Webb

Who is the smallest guy to dunk in NBA?

The shortest dunker in the nba is nate Robinson he is about 5'9 to 6'0 feet. But the shortest dunker in nba history is Spud Webb

Whos the shortest dunker in the NBA?

Nate Robinson

Who is the shorted slam dunker in the nba?

Spud Webb 5'6"

Was there ever a female who played in the NBA?

No female player has ever played NBA

Who is the best first dunker in NBA?

Kobe Bryant is the number one best dunk-er in the NBA and also wade, carter, Howard, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Dr. J

Who was the best player that you ever played against in the NBA?

no his kids begged and he didnt someone made him do it

How many have ever played in the nba?


Did Kanye West ever play in the NBA?

No. He's never played in the NBA

Is scottie pipen the second best small ever to play in the NBA?

Yes Scottie is the best small forward ever to play in the NBA.

Which team is better lakers or heat?

lakers coz they have the best of the best player played ever in the nba everything is posible as long they have kobe