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no his kids begged and he didnt someone made him do it

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Q: Who was the best player that you ever played against in the NBA?
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Who is the best player you ever played against?

i played agaist Ryan gallegos he great..check him out on type in ghost fruitport football

Did a college football player ever played against the team his father coaches?


Who is avi nimni?

The best player that ever played in israel!!

Who is the best player that ever played for Liverpool?

steven Gerrard is undoubtably the best player in Liverpool history

Who is the best hockey player that ever played?

No question Wayne Gretzky

What is the best cs go player?

It's hard to gauge who is the out and out best, as there are many different roles played such as an AWPer played by KennyS, or the lurker played by GetRight, but in the end it all comes down to skill. And hands down the best ever Counter Strike player there ever has been and ever will be, ME!

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the greatest guitar player ever is this guy named grant. he is the best!!

Was Torres ever the best player in the world?

No! he has never been the best player in the world he cant really compete against the other top players but he is one of the best striker in the world.

Has a male player ever played against a female player in a Singles match of Tennis?

Not in a match match but I guess just for a fun game.

Who is lee grant?

The best soccer player ever. HE IS THE BEST SOCCER PLAYER EVER

Who is the greatest Asian soccer player ever?

I think chabum who was a Korean soccer player is the best asian player ever. He played in German league and he is one the greatest players there.

Who is the best futsal player ever?

Falcão is the greatest player ever to play the game.He has been voted best futsal player in the world 4 times and has won everything in that sport.Messi had once played futsal when he was a kid.

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