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Keith Hernandez and Wes Parker were both pretty fine.

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Q: Who is the best defensive 1st Basemen of all time?
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Who is the best defensive 1st baseman of all time?

Keith Hernandez

Who is considered an infielder?

Catcher, pitcher, 1st basemen, 2nd basemen, short stop, third basemen

Batter hits ground ball to 2nd basemen 2nd basemen throws to 1st basemen The first basemen catches the ball with bare hand and tags the Runner with Glove before he reaches 1st base What is the call?

he or she is safe the ball must be in the glove

What is 3+6?

its a type of double play that goes from the short stop to the 2nd basemen to the 1st basemen

What is 6-4-3?

its a type of double play that goes from the short stop to the 2nd basemen to the 1st basemen

Who has most hits in a row?

Boston 3rd basemen Pinky Higgins and Detroit 1st basemen Walt Dropo with 12 apiece.

Who was the Phillies first basemen in 1983?

Pete Rose started 112 games for the Phillies at 1st base in 1983. The other 1st basemen on the team were Tony Perez and Len Matuszek.

Who is number 15 for the marlins?

That would be 1st basemen Gaby Sanchez

If you have a player in fantasy baseball that is listed as a first basemen and third basemen you start him at 3rd but he plays 1st in the actual game do you still get the points?


Who is the best 1st basemen now playing?

right now Defense: Mark Texeira Offense: Pujols Overall:Teixeira better because he is the best defense and 2nd best offense pujols is like 3rd defense and best offense tex and gonzalez are better All Time: Tex probably the best 995 fielding pctg.

Who plays first base in Major League Baseball as a lefthander?

There are lots of left handed 1st basemen in MLB.

Who covers second in a steal from 1st base?

Either the second basemen or the short stop in responsible for covering second when a runner is trying to steal.

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