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rahul sharad dravid....... there is no doubt about it

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Q: Who is the best cricket player in the world from the old days?
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Who was the youngest player to play worldcup cricket match?

Talha Jubair (Bangladesh) is the youngest player to play world cup cricket match. He was 17 years and 70 days in 2003 Cricket World Cup to play for Bangladesh

Which teams were playing in the 1844 cricket world cup?

Those days no Cricket world cup played.

Who is the oldest world cup cricket player?

he oldest man to appear in a World Cup match was Holland's Nolan Clarke, at 47 years 257 days in 1995-96,

Who was the youngest player in English cricket?

James Taylor aged 18 years and 79 days.

Who is the best Liverpool player in the world?

In the olden days it was Kenny Dalglish but now it's Fernando Torres

How many days did Barbados host the ICC Cricket World Cup?

From March 13 to April 28 West Indies have hosted the ICC cricket world cup in the year of 2007.

Is T20 Cricket killing Real Cricketing Skills?

According to my point of view T20 cricket is best for newcomers. Because now days no have more time to effort or loss his time in front of television or on mobile. T20 cricket declared result earlier and also a lot of entertainment and money is available in large amount. But we compare about T20 cricket to one day cricket there is not enough time to analyse the batsman or bowler in T20 cricket because it can possible one player cannot analyse within a match but one day cricket is one of the cricket is to analyse who is best batsman or bowler (one day player can perform well in T20 but there is no chance of T20 player can perform in one day because there is need of defense and they can be not well defenser.

How long does a game of cricket usually last?

The game of cricket is known throughout the world as the game with the longest playing time. The game of Cricket can last anywhere from a few hours to several days.

How long is a cricket test?

A cricket test goes for 5 days

What is lifespan of a cricket?

5 days

How many days is the game planned to be played in test cricket?

a test cricket match lasts for up to 5 days.

How long the is the 2011 cricket world cup?

It is 43 days long from 19th Feb to 2nd April, 2011

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