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Q: Who is the best basketball play in the world?
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Can Dwyane Wade play center?

no he cant but he is the best basketball player in the world

What is the best surface to play basketball on?

a basketball court

Whoes the best basketball player in the world?

abdi salat is the best basketball player in the world.

Who is the best basketball player ever in history?

Michael Jordan Was The Best To Ever Play The Game Of Basketball.

Who is the best player in the world basketball?

Candace Parker i wont to no how she do it ,because she is a good person in basketball play i wish a become a better baketball player like her or maybe better

Who is the best basketball player on NBA?

Nathan Binette has 5 titles and is the best basketball player to ever play.

Who was the first girl to play basketball?

Nancy Liebreman was the first women to play basketball and make it into the World Series!!!!!!!

What is best for big guy to play basketball?

if your asking what positing a big guy would play in basketball it would be a post!(:

What basketball position should i play?

You should play the postition that your best at ....

Is Paul Pierce the best basketball player in the world?

I think he is the best basketball player in the NBA.

How would one go about training a gorilla to play basketball?

There are many ways that an individual could train a gorilla to play basketball. The best way is to send the gorilla to a basketball camp or to a monkey training center where the gorilla can learn to play basketball.

Who is the captain of Toronto raptors basketball team?

There is no captains in Basketball, but the best play is Kyle Lowry.

What is World Basketball Association's motto?

The motto of World Basketball Association is 'The next best thing to the NBA'.

Where abouts in the world do people play basketball?

most notably America although basketball is located all over the world

How many kids play basketball as a sport?

Millions of kids around the world play basketball, especially in USA, Europe and Asia.

Do Mexicans in Mexico play basketball?

Yes, Mexicans play basketball. They have a national team that competes in the FIBA world championships. While they are not that great, they play nonetheless.

Who is best athlete at basketball in the world?

Michael Jordan is the best.

How good was Michael Jordan at basketball?

Michael Jordan was the best of the best and out of 10 he was an 11 and he is now retred but he OS still the best in the world according to slam magazines top 50 players that have or do play nba

What countries team is the world champion in basketball?

The US won the Olympics in men's basketball in the year of 2008. They are the best in basketball.

Who is the best basketball play of all time?

Micheal Jordan and Kobe. They play the exact same

How did basketball impact the world?

Basketball has brought the world together, similar to what many other sports have done. Anyone can get together, regardless of race, religion, and ethnicity, and play a simple game of basketball.

How many people play basketball in the world?


Basketball is the best sport in the world?

To me...yes. but basketball isn't favored by everyone

What sports does mattyb play?

I am mattys best friend and he plays basketball

Is Michael jorden the best basketball player to ever play in the nba?

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