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Yes, Mexicans play Basketball. They have a national team that competes in the FIBA world championships. While they are not that great, they play nonetheless.

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Q: Do Mexicans in Mexico play basketball?
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Do they play basketball in Mexico?

Well in Mexico,Basketball is the sport that they least play but yes they do play Basketball in Mexico.

Does Mexico people play basketball?

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Do Mexicans play basketball?

Yes, Mexicans do play basketball. I am a US citizen and from Canadian/American parents. I have a Mexican friend who plays basketball at our local high school and he's very talented. As a freshman he scored a game-high, 18 points. My other Mexican friend also plays basketball well, because of his hops and quickness.

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Yes. Although it is much less known than Mexican football (soccer), basketball is one of the most popular sports in Mexico, especially among youngsters. There is even a national basketball league, which includes 16 teams.

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