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Jeff Gordon

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Q: Who is the all time money winner at Martinsville Speedway?
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How many wins does Jeff Gordon have in Martinsville Va.?

With his victory at Martinsville on November 1, 2015, Jeff Gordon became a 9-time winner at the short track.

What is the track that Jimmie Johnson wins at all the time?

Jimmie Johnson has 6 wins at both Charlotte Motor Speedway and Martinsville Speedway. Jimmie has also won 2 Nascar All-Star races at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Who is Nascar's all-time leading money winner?

Jeff Gordon

Who is the current all time money winner on the professional golf association tour?

Tiger Woods

Who is the youngest NASCAR winner in history?

Joey Logano became the youngest driver in Nascar Sprint Cup Series history, when he won the 2009 Lenox Industrial Tools 301 race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. He was 19 years, 35 days old. Joey is also the youngest winner in Nationwide Series history, when he won the 2008 Meijer 300 at Kentucky Speedway. He was 18 years, 21 days old at the time.

Who is the only five time winner and in what years did he win?

Lol, five time winner of what?

Who was the only five time winner of the?

rick swenson was the winner

What is the driving time from Atlanta to Lowes Motor Speedway nc?

About 4 hours

How do you stop Speedway Inc from writing an electronic check to your account every month for 5 to 8 dollars when your bank puts the money back but can't stop it?

I work at a bank. At this point Speedway has your account number and routing number and will continue to try to put these checks through your account. If your bank pays the electronic check every time, then Speedway is making out like a bandit. The best thing to do is close your account and reopen another one. This way Speedway won't know your new account number and the next time they submit an elctronic check to your now closed account, they'll pay a fee to their bank. I know closing and reopening an account is a pain, so in the future be very wary of who you release your account info to and protect it. Call speedway and remind them it is against the law take money from your account without your permission.

What was the quickest time around the Charlotte Motor Speedway track?

In May 2000, Dale Earnhardt Jr. set the qualifying record at Charlotte Motor Speedway with a speed of 186.034.

What is the winner of the best Chevy of all time online compeitition was?

The all time online winner is the 1969 Camaro

When was the last time the Daytona speedway was repaved?

2010, the time before that was 1978, as of 2022 it has still not been repaved

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