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mike candrea mike candrea

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Q: Who is the US softball teams head coach?
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US softball team head coach?

mike candrea

How many softball teams are there in the US?

a lot

What is the salary of a highschool softball coach?

In the US, the average annual salary for a high school softball coach is $33,000. The average yearly salary for a high school softball coach in Dallas, Texas is $34,000.

Who is the US olympic swim team coach?

Eddie Reese was named the men's Olympic swim team coach. He was also head coach of the men's 1992 and 2004 Olympic swim teams. Jack Bauerle was named women's head coach. This will be his first Olympics as a head coach. Click on the '2008 Olympic Swimming Coaches' link on this page to read a short bio of the two coaches.

Who was the 2004 olympic basketball team coach?

The US men's team head coach in 2004 was Larry Brown. The US women's team head coach was Val Chancellor.

Who is in charge of the US football team?

It' the Head Coach.

Who is the coach of the 2008 US women's basketball team?

Three time Olympian Anne Donovan is the 2008 women's head coach. She was on the 1980 team that did not go to the Moscow Games due to the boycott and the 1984 and 1988 teams that won gold.

Who is the head coach of the US mens' soccer team?

Jürgen Klinsmann.

What state is softball mostly played?

Softball is commonly played in every US state. As for the most softball, some states have longer seasons due to weather and some states have more people to play . California probably has the most softball teams and plays the most games.

How many professional softball teams are there in the US?

There are 4 teams in the National Pro Fastpitch league (NPF): the Akron Racers, the Chicago Bandits, the NPF Diamonds, and the USSSA Pride.

Why are they wanting to do away with softball in the oylmpics?

I heard that there were not enough countries who had softball teams to have an adequate competition. Softball is not as big around the world as it is in the US and as such there aren't a lot ofOlympics level teams. T he sport can re-petition the Olympics to get the game reinstated if it addresses these issues. Softball needs to cultivate grassroots leagues to build up athletes in many countries to field competitors at Olympic levels.

Where is the US FIFA teams headquarters?

The F.i.F.A head quarters are in Zurich Switzerland.

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