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mike candrea

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Q: US softball team head coach
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Who is the US softball teams head coach?

mike candrea mike candrea

Who was the 2004 olympic basketball team coach?

The US men's team head coach in 2004 was Larry Brown. The US women's team head coach was Val Chancellor.

Who is in charge of the US football team?

It' the Head Coach.

Who is the head coach of the US mens' soccer team?

Jürgen Klinsmann.

Who is the manager of the US football team?

if you mean soccer team the head coach is bob bradley

What is the salary of a highschool softball coach?

In the US, the average annual salary for a high school softball coach is $33,000. The average yearly salary for a high school softball coach in Dallas, Texas is $34,000.

What is the US Softball team trying to do to get softball back in the Olympics?

Well Softball is back in the Olympics in 2020...does that answer your question?

How many players are on the US softball team?


Who is the US olympic swim team coach?

Eddie Reese was named the men's Olympic swim team coach. He was also head coach of the men's 1992 and 2004 Olympic swim teams. Jack Bauerle was named women's head coach. This will be his first Olympics as a head coach. Click on the '2008 Olympic Swimming Coaches' link on this page to read a short bio of the two coaches.

How many championships has the US softball team won?


How do you get on the US softball team?

The way you get on to the USA Olympic Softball team is when you are in collage they have someone come and scout you and then if your good they ask you to come and play with them.

Who was the coach of the US 2010 world cup team?

The coach of the Football team of U.s.A was Bob Bradley.

Who is the coach of the US world cup team?

The name of the U.s.a coach is Bob Bradley.

What is the nickname of the coach for 2008 US men's basketball team?

Redeem Team

How many years did US softball team go to the Olympics?

Softball has been an event at the Olympics since 1996 and the 2008 Games will be the fourth Olympics that have had softball. The US team has played in each one and won the gold medal in 1996, 2000, and 2004.

Who coached the US men's Olympic ice hockey team in 1988?

Dave Peterson, who was also the head coach of the 1992 U.S. Men's Olympic ice hockey team.

Who is the coach of the 2008 US women's basketball team?

Three time Olympian Anne Donovan is the 2008 women's head coach. She was on the 1980 team that did not go to the Moscow Games due to the boycott and the 1984 and 1988 teams that won gold.

How many gold medals has us team won in womans softball?


How many gold medals has the us olympic softball team won?


Who is team US 's hockey coach?

Ron Wilson

What is the coach name for US soccer team?

Jürgen Klinsmann.

What is the exposition of Remember the Titans?

Remember the Titansexposition would definitely be stated at the part when Densel Washington character Coach Boone is appointed as the head coach of the football team in the first integrated school. Coach Boone is African American who is the head coach in Virginia's most precious sport, football. Many characters including the former head coach, coach Yoast, are very angry that a 'black man' takes the team, which is a promising team that is destined to reach the playoffs, away to make his own team. This introduces the main problem that every character has to face, racism. Through the whole story we find each character face the problem that the exposition introduces to us.

What are the fastest growing team sports in the US?

Softball,Ice hockey & Rugby(union)

Is Jessica Mendoza still playing for the US softball team?

As far as I know she still is.

Who was the head basketball coach of the US team in 1995?

There was no team competing on a international level that year. Don Nelson coached in 1994 and Lenny Wilkens coached in 1996. Both coached a version of the legendary Dream Team.