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Cesc Fabregas

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Q: Who is the England Arsenal soccer team captain?
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What country is the soccer team arsenal from?


Soccer ball brand name Arsenal soccer?

Its a team in England

Who is the current captain of England soccer?

The captain of England football team is Steven Gerrard.

What is the Arsenal News and what does it cover?

The Arsenal News covers stories related to the Arsenal football team, one of England's soccer teams. Arsenal News publishes information about the team, its players, schedule, results and history.

What soccer team is called the Gunners?

Arsenal FC League: Barclays Premier League, England

Who have been the captains of England soccer team?

steven gerrad is the captain of england so far

Who is serge the British soccer player?

Serge Gnabry is a German soccer player, but he plays for the Arsenal club team in England. He has played the midfield position for Arsenal since 2010.

Who was the first goalkeeper to captain the England Football team?

Englands first 'goalkeeper' soccer captain, was alexander morten who captained england against scotland in 1873

Who is the captain of the French national soccer team?

The current captain of French Soccer team is Samir Nasr

Who is usually the captain of the soccer team?

Any player, playing in any position can be the captain of a soccer team.

Who is the arsenal team captian?

The current Arsenal team captain is Cesc Fabregas, a midfielder who wears the number 4

Who is the captin of the British soccer team?

There is no British football team, but instead each country has its own team. The current England captain is Rio Ferdinand. Craig Bellamy is the Welsh captain.

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