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petr cech for Chelsea or Jose reina in Liverpool. Van der sar is also quite good.

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Q: Who is the Best goalkeeper in the premiership?
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Best goalkeeper in the English premiership?

at the moment its joe hart

Who was the most expensive premiership goalkeeper?

Petr cech

Who was the first goalkeeper to score a Premiership goal?

peter smeichel

Who is the Oldest goalkeeper play in the premiership now?

It is edwivanderSar.who is 40

WHO was last premiership goalkeeper to score?

Tim Howard of Everton.

Highest paid goalkeeper in the English premiership?

It is Petr Cech of Chelsea.

Is jussi jaaskelnen a premiership goalkeeper?

Yes. He plays for Bolton Wanderers.

Which goalkeeper has saved the most penalties in the premiership?

The most penalties saved in a single season by a goalkeeper is 8 (out of 10) by Paul Cooper of Ipswich Town in 1979-80.

Who is the oldest premiership player?

The oldest player was John Burridge, goalkeeper - 43 years old.

What is the music played during the goalkeeper montage on sky ones 50 greatest premiership goals?

Time to Pretend by MGMT

Who is currently the oldest premiership player?

The oldest footballer in the E.P.L today is Edwin Van Dersar. The goalkeeper of Manchester United.

Who is the tallest goal keeper in the premiership?

The Premier Leauge's tallest goalkeeper is Márton Fülöp of Sunderland A.F.C. standing at 198 centimetres.

Who is the best goalkeeper born in Birmingham?

u all know that the best goalkeeper in world is obaidobaidobaid

Who is the worlds best goalkeeper in serie A?

The best goalkeeper in Serie A was Gianluigi, or 'Gigi', Buffon of Juventus.

Is petr chec a good goalkeeper?

Oh yes Petr Cech is a good goalkeeper , he was once the worlds best goalkeeper.

Who is the top scoring goalkeeper?

The best goalkeeper of all time is Peter Schmeichel.

Who is the most best goalkeeper in soccer?

Here for the place of the best goalkeeper in the world is strongly challenged by both Gianlughi Buffon and Petr Cech. The first is also the worlds costliest goalkeeper ever.

Who is the best Mexican goalkeeper?

Jorge Campos is the best

Best Goalkeeper in the world?


The best goalkeeper in the world?


Who is arsenal best goalkeeper?


What is the meaning of premiership football game?

The Premiership is the top league in England. It is considered by many to be the best league in the world. The Premiership consists of 20 teams.

Who the best football players in the premiership?

The best football players in the premiership are countless.In my opinion there is messi,kaka,ronaldo,torres,roney,gerard.

Who is the best Spanish goalkeeper of all time?

Most would argue that the best Spanish goalkeeper right now is Iker Casillas of Real Madrid C.F He is also the highest rated goalkeeper according to the EA Sports Performance Index.

Who was the first keeper to score a goal in the premiership?

The first goalkeeper to score a goal, was Peter Schmicheal, of Manchester United. But Paul Robinson of Spurs and Bret Friddel have also scored goals.