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It is the Italian goalkeeper of Juventus Gianlughi Buffon, he is also the Italian goalkeeper. And is the highest paid goalkeeper in the world.

another possibility is Petre Ceche who currently plays for the English Premier League club, Chelsea F.C

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Q: Who is the best goalkeeper that still plays soccer?
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What is the best soccer goalkeeper for boys?


Who is the best soccer goalkeeper ever?

Gordon banks

The best goalkeeper in soccer?

julio Cesar (Brazil )

The best soccer goalkeeper in the world?

gianluigi buffon casillas

Who is the best polish soccer player?

Artur Boruc goalkeeper for Poland and Celtic.

What was the Best soccer goal from a goalkeeper?

LKER CASILLAS is the 2010 best goal keeper

Was Gianluigi the best Goalkeeper?

yes and still is

Who was the best soccer player in real Madrid in the year 2000?

I'm not sure about Iker Casillas in 200 but he has transformed into the best goalkeeper in the world.

Who is the best player in soccer?

The best player in the sport soccer as of 2011, is Leonel Messi. Messi plays for his country, Argentina and plays for the soccer club, Barcelona.

What famous soccer players have worn the number 1?

Peter Schmeichel used to play for Manchester United as a goalkeeper and still managed to score 11 goals in his career. He was capped 129 times for Denmark and was captain for 30 of those games. He was also voted Worlds best goalkeeper in 1992 and 1993.

What is Gustavo Colman best known for?

Gustavo Coleman is known for being a famous Argentinean soccer player. Gustavo is only 28 years old and still plays soccer for Trabzonspor, an Argentinean soccer organization.

What is the best US soccer player of all time?

The best US soccer player of all time is probably the goalkeeper Tim Howard. He has played at the top level in the English Premier League, and for his country on several occasions.