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Ray Allen

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Q: Who is the 3 point shooter in nba history?
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Who is the all time 3 point shooter in the nba?

Ray Allen is the all time NBA 3 point shooter in 2011 he has 68%

Who is the best 3 point shooter in the nba?

Ray Allen

Who is the best 3 point shooter on nba 2k12?


Who is the best 3 point shooter ever in the nba?

Daniel Gibson

Is Kevin Garnett the best 3-point shooter in NBA basketball?

no, Larry Bird is.

Who is the best active 3 point shooter in the nba?

For 2010, that would be Ray Allen.

Is LeBron James a good 3- point shooter?

Lebron James is an average 3 point shooter. He is like many NBA players in that when he gets on a roll he will not miss. Lebron James has improved his 3 point shooting at critical times.

Who is the best three point shooter in the NBA?

That depends how you want to compare them. By career percentage, Steve Kerr would win with a 45.4% career average three point percentage. By most 3 point baskets made in NBA history, that would be Ray Allen. The next three include Reggie Miller, Jason Kidd, and Peja Stojakovic. Most people conclude that Ray Allen is the best three point shooter in NBA history, however, simply because he has the most three point baskets and NBA history and because he always delivered in the clutch from 3-point land. The next would be Reggie Miller, followed by Peja Stojakovic.

Who is a better 3 point basketball shooter JJ reddick or Salim Stodimire?

I think JJ reddick is a better 3 point shooter i mean look att the NBA i mean i saw jj hit a 3 to tie the celtics

When shooting a 3 point shot and get fouled how many shots at the foul line do you get in the nba?

In the NBA, if the shot is not made the shooter receives three free throws. If the shot is made, the shooter receives one free throw.

Who is the all time best 3 point shooter in the nba?

1.Ray allen 2.Reggie miller 3.Larry Bird

Who is the best 3 point shooter in nba live 10?

Ray Allen (Boston Celtics) is the best quick-release shooter, and probably the best 3 point shooter too. If you want a team that can shoot 3-pointers though, 3 point shooting teams like Orlando Magic would work well as nearly everyone (Except Dwight Howard) is a good long range shooter.

NBA 2k11 my player?

Be a tall PG 3 point shooter Max out shot medium, shot 3 point, dunk, ball handle and cherrypick cherrypick cherrypick

What is the record for 3-point attempts in a game by a player in nba history?


Who made the first 3 point shot in the NBA?

Chris Ford made the first three point field goal in NBA history in 1979

Is Ray Allen a good 3 point player?

Yes, Ray Allen is a very good three point shooter. He has made the second most three pointers in NBA history. Most consider him to be in the top tier of great shooters of the NBA, along with Steve Nash, Peja Stojakovic, and Larry Bird.

What year did the NBA institute 3 pointers?

The NBA instituted the 3 point shot in 1979-80. Chris Ford of the Boston Celtics hit the first 3-pointer in NBA history.

Who is a better three point shooter Ray Allen or Matt Barnes?

This is like asking "Who's better at basketball: Michael Jordan or Brad Miller?" Ray Allen is arguably (only next to Reggie Miller) the greatest 3 point shooter in the history of the NBA while Matt Barnes has trouble even finding a team to stay with for long, not to mention his shaky 3 point shot (very inconsistent).

Who has the highest 3 point percentage in NBA history?

Steve Kerr holds the NBA career record for 3-point shooting percentage at .454 percent, making 726 of 1,599 from 1989-2003.

How long is the NBA 3 point line?

nba 3 point is 36ft. away from the basket

Is Darius Miles a good 3 pt shooter?

No. He rarely try 3 pointers and isnt a good 3 point shooter.

Who is the best 3 point in NBA?

the best 3 pointer in the entire nba history is definitely Kobe Bryant , if you don't believe me just search him on youtube and you will see what i mean.

Who is da best NBA player?

Derrick Rose is the best driver. Joah King Noah is the best rebounder. Kobe Bryant is the best 3 point shooter

Who sank the first 3 point field goal in the history of the nba all star game?

Jordan hunton

How many three point shots taken by a nba team in a single game?

Depending on the situitation. Some can shoots three's 3 pointers while some can shoot five's 3 pointers. Ray Allen is NBA's best 3 point shooter. He recently beat Reggie Miller's record. 2010-2011 season**