Is LeBron James a good 3- point shooter?

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2009-05-05 19:29:30

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LeBron James is an average 3 point shooter. He is like many NBA players in that when he gets on a roll he will not miss. Lebron James has improved his 3 point shooting at critical times.

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2009-05-05 19:29:30
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Q: Is LeBron James a good 3- point shooter?
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Who is the best three point shooter in nba 2k11?

Im thinking...ray allenchauncey billipspaul piercelebron jamesdwayne wadeI am really good with dwayne wade ray allen and lebron james with wide open 3s

Who is popular LeBron James or Dwyane Wade?

Both are really good but I have to say LeBron James

What are good NBA trivia questions?

When was Lebron James first 50 point game. When was his first Triple-Double.

How did LeBron James get into his NBA career?

He is good

Should LeBron James play football?

Lebron james should play football he is definetly good enough

Who is the first player to win a dunk contest and a three point contest?

James LeBron 4 sure. I did a report on him and as i was reading the book i came across that fact. BY:CPR CPR CPR CPR CPR CPR CPR CPR CPR i really don't think lebron won a 3 point contest, dirk nowitzki and Jason kapono have been repeatedly winning them recently, and in the beginning of his career lebron wasn;t a good 3 shooter.

How is LeBron James so good at basketball?

because lebron James dad is MICHAEL JORDAN ( KOBE BRYANT SUCKS!)

How does LeBron James get paid?

He plays good basketball.

What was LeBron James outstanding qualities?

He is very good.

How good is Joe Johnson?

He is your average all star. He is not in the same breath as a Lebron James or Kobe Bryant. But, Joe Johnson is one of the best shooters in league; in fact Joe is easily a better 3-point shooter percentage wise than those players mentioned above.

What did LeBron James contribute to society?

LeBron James contributes entertainment to society. LeBron is a professional basketball player. He is good at what he does and there are many people that love watching him play this game.

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