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Ricky Ponting

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Q: Who is the 1 cricket to hit 6 run in the t20?
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Who is no 1 ranked team in t20 cricket?


When sachin retire from t20 and 1-day international cricket?

Sachin played for only one T20. He retired in 2013 from test cricket.

Which chanel live broadcast champions league t20 cricket?

Star Sports 1

How many centuries does chris gayle has in t 20 cricket?

He has hitted only 1 century in T20 internationals.

How many centuries are made by Raina in Odi?

He has scored a total of 4 centuries in international cricket. 3 in ODI and 1 in test cricket. He does not have any T20 centuary.

How many world cups have been won in cricket?

There have been 9 cricket world cups (in limited overs, not T20). The list of winners is as follows: Australia - 4 West Indies - 2 India - 1 Pakistan - 1 Sri Lanka - 1

What is it called when you are run out not facing 1 ball in cricket?


In cricket how many runs scored after attempt second run while run out?

only 1 run

Why does the batting side in cricket get 6 runs when it is the fielding side that does the running?

When the batters hit the ball, they run up and down the pitch and each time they get the opposite end of the pitch, that is 1 run

How many ways batsman can be out cricket?

In cricket a batsman can be out in 10 ways. 1. Bowled 2. Caught 3. LBW 4. Hit Wicket 5. Run out 6. Handled the ball 7. Hit the ball twice 8. Time out 9. Obstruction in the field. 10. Stumped

Is T20 cricket going to be the future ranked 1 sport?

yes because Pakistan won every match all channel thing this match Pakistan lost Pakistan lost

What is the rule of cricket T20 league match if the match is tie between the teams?

Each team will bowl 1 over at the wickets with out a batsman whoever gets the most wickets wins

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