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There are many different types of outs in cricket. They are:

  • Bowled
  • Caught Behind
  • Caught in the field
  • Caught & Bowled
  • LBW
  • Stumped
  • Run Out
  • Hit out
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2.caught out



6.handle the ball

7.if a batsman is out and new batsman do not come in 3 minutes then he is out

8.hit the ball twice

9.hit wicket

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Bowled Caught LBW Stumped Run out Hit wicket Handled ball Hit ball twice Obstract the field Time out Mankaded Retired out

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Q: How many type of run out in cricket game?
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the type of ways of getting out are bowled caught hit wicket run out obstructing the field

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only run out and stumpping

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