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Gail Kim is older than Kelly Kelly.

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Q: Who is old in WWE gail kim or kelly kelly?
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How old is WWE diva kellykelly?

WWE Kelly Kelly is 24 years old

How old are WWE divas?

Kelly Kelly is 25

How old was Kelly Kelly when she joined WWE?

She was 19 when she joined WWE in 2006. (born 1997)

How old is kelly kelly off of WWE now?

25 year old ,

How old was Gail Kim when she started wrestling?

Early 20's.

How old today is the WWE diva kelly kelly is?

Kelly Kelly is 25 years old (birthdate: January 15, 1987).

What WWE diva is 21 years old?

I think it's Kelly Kelly

Is WWE diva kelly kelly in a movie?

No unless it's a really old movie

How old is kelly kellly from WWE?

about 23 years old

Wwe diva kelly kelly real name and real age?

Barbara Jean 23 years old

How old is Barbie Blank?

Barbara "Barbie" Blank, aka Kelly Kelly of the WWE, is 27 years old (birthdate January 15, 1987).

Who are all WWE divas high flyers?

Aj and kelly and eve ... How old is 33