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WWE Kelly Kelly is 24 years old

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Q: How old is WWE diva kellykelly?
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Who is hotter on WWE maryse or kellykelly?

Both but in my point of view, marye has better body and kellykelly has a better head, so i would say Maryse! Maryse isn't as good as Kelly Kelly. How can you say that she is better than the most dominate diva in the WWE Kelly Kelly?

How old is kellykelly?

wwe's kellykellyshes is 45 jk shes 23

Does WWE kellykelly have any children?


On WWE who is KellyKelly dating?

No one currently.

Do kellykelly still work at WWE?


How old is WWE diva marsye?


How old is WWE diva layla?

She is 31

How old is WWE diva Ashley?

32 years old

How old do you have to be a WWE diva?

Around 24 years old

Is john Morrison married to a WWE diva?

No, he is not married to a WWE Diva. But he is dating WWE Diva, Melina.

How old do you have to be to become a WWE diva?

you will have to be over 18 years old

How old is WWE diva eve?

Around 26 years old

How much does kellykelly from wwe really weigh?


How old is WWE diva Beth pheonix?

She Is 29

How old is WWE diva aj lee?


How old is Brie Bella WWE diva?


Does WWE kellykelly have a tattoo?

No Kelly doesn't have any tattoos

How old is Nikki Bella WWE diva?

November she will be 28

What is kellykelly's phone number?

sorry but Diva's and wrestlers do not I repeat do not give out their home numbers to strangers.

Can you be a wwe diva now?

You have to sign a contract to be a WWE diva

How old is WWE diva Victoria?

She is 39 years old. when Victoria debut to the wwe she was only like 30 years old.

Is WWE diva Natalia's mom a diva too?

No Ellie (Naytala's mom was never a WWE Diva

Was WWE'S Lilian Garcia a Diva?

Lilian is considered a WWE Diva

Who is the lightest WWE diva?

The lightest WWE Diva is AJ Lee

How old is Melina WWE diva?

Melina is 31 so far