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Colin Charvis of Wales.

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Q: Who is leading try scorer for a forward in international rugby union?
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Who is south Africa's leading point scorer for rugby?

peter grant

Who is south Africa's leading point scorer in rugby?

Percy Montgomery with 893

Was grant fox the leading point scorer in the 1987 rugby world cup?


Who is the highest scorer on the Irish rugby team?

Ronan O'Gara

Top scorer for Scotlands rugby team?

Chris Paterson

Which forward has kicked the most points in international rugby?

john eales of Australia wiith 190 some thing

Who is south Africa rugby teams top scorer?

Percy Montgomery

Who is Stewart davies?

Stewart Davies is a former Wales international rugby union player. A backrow forward, he played his club rugby for Swansea RFC and attained 17 caps for Wales.

When was International Rugby Board created?

International Rugby Board was created in 1886.

When did International Rugby Challenge happen?

International Rugby Challenge happened in 1993.

When was International Rugby Challenge created?

International Rugby Challenge was created in 1993.

Who is the highest try scorer in rugby league?

In 2009 so far it is Israel Folau.