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Percy Montgomery

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Q: Who is south Africa rugby teams top scorer?
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Who are the most successful teams in rugby world cup?

The top teams are New Zealand, Australia South Africa France England

What countries provide teams for the super 15 rugby compettition?

Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

Has Georgia ever won the rugby world cup?

No. The teams who have won the Rugby World Cup are; New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and England

How many rugby teams has japan vs in rugby world cup?

In their initial Group which is Group B Japan have 4 other teams to play; South Africa, Samoa, Scotland, USA

The famous player in South Africa?

Football - Steven Pienaar (Everton, England) Cricket, Rugby - The entire teams

Who are all the winning teams of the rugby world cup?

South Africa (2), Australia(2), England and New Zealand.

What are some rugby teams?

England New Zealand Wales Fiji Scotland Ireland Samoa Australia South Africa

What teams have won rugby union the world cup?

1987: New Zealand 1991: Australia 1995: South Africa 1999: Australia 2003: England 2007: South Africa

How many rugby teams are in South Africa?

There are 8 major professional, provincial rugby teams in South Africa that compete annually for the Currie Cup. The teams are: The Western Province, The Sharks, The Golden Lions, The Blue Bulls, The Free State Cheetahs, The Pumas, The Griquas and The Eastern Province Kings. Further there are also many semi-professional teams such as The Griffons, The SWD Eagles, The Leopards and The Cavaliers. Following that there are many club-rugby teams as many towns have one or more teams that compete on a more informal basis.

What is the national sport of South Africa?

There are a number of national sports in South Africa where South African players/ teams compete both at a national and international level. The most popular (in no order of popularity) are: Soccer Rugby Cricket

Who have contested rugby world cup finals?

The teams have to qualify but these teams are nearly always in it: New Zealand Australia England Scotland France Wales Italy Ireand South Africa

Where does mike cat the rugby player live?

Mike Catt was born in South Africa. After completing his education, he moved to England, where he still lives. He played for both the Irish and English rugby teams.

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