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Zach Lee is the current Quarterback for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

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Q: Who is is the quarter back for the Huskers?
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When was Pawhuska Huskers created?

Pawhuska Huskers was created in 1920.

Why do people call a quarter back a quarter back?

because the quarter back has a quarter of the job

What can be found on the Huskers website?

There are many things that could be found on the Huskers website. The main things that could be found on the Huskers website would be things about Nebraska athletics.

What is on the back of a quarter called?

On the back of a quarter is an eagle.

What is the most points scored in one quarter by one team in college football?

Most points scored in one quarter in college football is Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Iowa Hawkeyes, the Huskers scored 48 points in the 3rd quarter. (year not known-maybe mid 80s)

Who is the best football player today?

i will have to say...zach Lee for Huskers football.And Roy helu JR. for huskers football

How much is a quarter worth with no back?

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Chemical makeup of sugar?

huskers rule

What are the Nebraska Huskers Color?

Scarlett and Creme

Where did terrell davis play?

huskers feild

What can one find on the Huskers Football website?

The Huskers Football website provides quite a variety of information. Game results and schedules can be found as well as rosters and statistics. Promotions are also included on the Huskers Football website and information about the coaches and practices.

What is the huskers rank for football?

Right now the huskers are ranked nuber 18 in the coaches poll and 22 in the ap poll. This is after week one 2009.

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