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because the quarter back has a quarter of the job

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Q: Why do people call a quarter back a quarter back?
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Why is the quarterback called quarterback?

Because he is often in the back quarter of play. meaning he is in the last quarter of people on the field.

What is on the back of a quarter called?

On the back of a quarter is an eagle.

Do the Jonas Brothers call you back?

No they do not call you back because they never have time to call anyone except their girlfriends or other famous people not people that are not famous!!!

How much is a quarter worth with no back?

i have a quarter with no back on it no date with a P

What some people call a half moon in which one half of the illuminated side is visible is actually a moon?

This is either a "First Quarter" or a "Third Quarter" Moon.

How many people are on a football team without quarter back?

ten football players

You received a voice mail about your resume and tried to call the HR guy back he was busy then and said he would call back but its three hours later should you call back?

Yes. HR people never call back.

Why is a quarter call a quarter?

because it is one fourth of a dollor

What does it mean if your back curves in?

Some people call it "sway back."

What did people call Antarctica back then?

they called it

How many does a shotgun formation have?

In American Football: There are 11 people on the field (as always). There is one quarter back and sometimes one running back.

When was Here's a Quarter - Call Someone Who Cares - created?

Here's a Quarter - Call Someone Who Cares - was created on 1991-05-07.

What do you call a three month period?


Who is the best quarter back of all time?

John Elway is the best quarter back of all time.

What is the average salary of a NFL Quarter Back?

a NFL quarter back earns 15 million dollars

Whats on the back of a quarter?

The back of a United States quarter used to be an eagle. Now there are 50 additional backs, as each state has a specific quarter dedicated to it.

Where is the region call the Empty Quarter on the map?

The Empty Quarter is in Saudi Arabia.

How many people touch the average quarter?

Coins that date back from the early 1960s have been touched.

What do you call people who talk at you back?

Probably really rude, I guess.

What do you do if people calling you a cat?

call them a cat back

What is on the back of a quarter?

On the back of a quarter is a bald eagle with branches or recently it has been all 50 state's designs.

What are opinions of Tom Brady?

Franchise quarter-back, clutch quarter-back, good sportsman, team leader.

How do you get safeway carts to release with your quarter?

To get the Safeway carts to release when you put a quarter in them you need to pull kind of hard on the cart. When you push the cart back into place, you will get your quarter back.

What do the quarter back do?

the quarter back throws the ball! ya seriously i though everyone in Antarctica knew that!

Why is Richard III called crook back?

Why did people call Richard the 3rd crook back