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Alabama and Texas are 1 & 2. They play tonight for the national championship.

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Q: Who is in the top of college football in 2009?
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Where did the red American football crop top amber heard wore in the November 2009 FHM shoot come from?

i think its texas college football ---the texas aggies

What are the release dates for Best of College Football 2009 - 2009 TV?

Best of College Football 2009 - 2009 TV was released on: USA: 27 November 2009 (video premiere)

How many years have the Ohio State Buckeyes been one of the top teams in College Football?

0 they are not a top team in college football

Do the top two teams in college football play for the national championship?

college football?. Don't you mean American college football,or the real thing?

What college football team won the 2009 Rose Bowl college football?

The USC Trojans won it.

What are the top 20 college football programs in football?


What are the top college game day experiences?

top college football game day experiences

Which college has the most wins of any college football program?

University of Michigan THE Ohio State University According to College Football Data Warehouse, as of the start of the 2009 season Michigan was the top Division 1 school 872 wins. OSU was 5th with 808.

What are the release dates for SportsNation - 2009 College Football Preseason Special?

SportsNation - 2009 College Football Preseason Special was released on: USA: 22 August 2011

What are the top scores of the football and basketball teams from IHSA in 2009?

The top scores of the football and baskedball teams from IHSA (Illinois high school association) in 2009 were 16 for the basketball team and 12 for the football team.

Who won the football college national champion in 2009?

Alabama won the championship in 2009

When does college football start 2009 season?

September 5th.

Who won the 2009 rose -bowl-college football?


When will the college football 2009 season begin?

September 3

Top college football programs that have sent players to the National Football League?

USC Trojans

Who are the top ten active college football coaches with most wins?

Penn State's Joe Paterno has the most wins in college football history.

Who are the top ten college football punters?

Jeremy Boone

Was Ken Griffey Jr a top college football recruit?


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For 2009 what college football team has scored the most points for the entire football season?

new york knights

How do you trade players in college football 2009?

You can't trade players in college football, Players can though transfer schools, but when they do they are required to take one year off.

What are the top ten highest elevation college football stadiums?


Division One A College Football top 10 states?

states that produce division one football players/

How good will Brevard college football be in 2009?

We'll know for certain in 2010.