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The USC Trojans won it.

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Q: What college football team won the 2009 Rose Bowl college football?
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Who won the 2009 rose -bowl-college football?


How old is the college football Rose Bowl?

2011 marks the 97th Rose Bowl

Football team that won the 2009 Rose Bowl cllege football?

Texas Longhorns

How many people watch college football each week?

35 million people will e watching the NCAA Rose Bowl in 2009.

Did the Tennessee Volunteers win the 1998 Rose Bowl?

The Tennessee Volunteers won the 1998 College Football Championship in the Rose Bowl stadium.The Tennessee Volunteers beat the Florida State Seminoles and the Tennessee Volunteers were 1998 College Football Champions.

Which Ncaa football team has won the most college football Championships?

Alambla has 23 rose bowl chapionship

How many Rose Bowls has micigan state won?

Including it's win in 2014, Michigan State is 4-1 all-time in the Rose Bowl Game. It is important to note that "Rose Bowl" refers to the stadium and "Rose Bowl Game" refers to the football bowl game held at the Rose Bowl each January 1st or 2nd.

What is the significance of the titleRice and Rose Bowl Blues?

The title "Rice and Rose Bowl Blues" likely references two significant events in American college football: the Rice Owls football team and the Rose Bowl game. The title may suggest a narrative related to the challenges or struggles faced by either the Rice University football team or a team competing in the Rose Bowl, using the blues genre to convey a sense of melancholy or difficulty.

How often is the Rose Bowl held in Pasadena?

The Rose Bowl an annual college football game which is held yearly in Pasadena, California. It is always played on January 1 and is one of the most popular bowl games held.

What college football team won the Rose Bowl in 1956?

The Rose Bowl game, played January 2, 1956, was won by Michigan State over UCLA by the score of 17-14.

What are the release dates for 2009 Rose Bowl - 2009 TV?

2009 Rose Bowl - 2009 TV was released on: USA: 1 January 2009

When the captain and center of a 1920s college football team ran 60 plus yards the wrong way in the Rose Bowl?

Roy Riegals of the University of California in the 1929 Rose Bowl against Georgia Tech.