Who is first rank in tennis now?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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rafeal nadal is no:1 in men and jelena jankovic is no:1 in women

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Q: Who is first rank in tennis now?
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Who is the first tennis player to rank 1 in tennis?

Right now...Pete Sampras is at the top with 14 Grand Slam titles, next is Roger Federer. But when I research (on wikipedia), they discussed that Bill Tilden was the greatest player...then there is Donald Budge who is the 1st person to win all four grand slam titles... that's all I know so I really have no idea who is the 1st person to rank #1 in tennis.

Where do these sports rank please football tennis table tennis swimming cricket and f1 racing cars?

Are you asking about their rank in world popularity? If it were popularity, then, in decreasing order: Football, Tennis, F1, Cricket, Table Tennis, Swimming

Where is tennis ranked in sports popularity?

Tennis hold a second rank in worldwide sports

Who was rank 1 tennis 1999?

Pete Sampras

Who is first rank now in wwf?

John cena is the man in the wwe

Who is the oldest tennis player was as number one rank?

Andre Agassi