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Are you asking about their rank in world popularity? If it were popularity, then, in decreasing order: Football, Tennis, F1, Cricket, Table Tennis, Swimming

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Q: Where do these sports rank please football tennis table tennis swimming cricket and f1 racing cars?
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What are the top ten sports in Britain?

Football, Rugby, Cricket, Basketball, Horse racing, Bowls, Snooker, Darts, Athletics and Swimming.

What sports only have 2 syllables?

Soccer Football Baseball Hockey Fencing Bowling Cricket Curling Racing

What are some sports that didnt originate in the united states?

Snooker, billiards, soccer, cricket, golf, rugby, athletics, polo, croquet, gaelic football, Australian football, Formula 1 racing, swimming, rowing and many more.

What sports happened in 1997?

water polo, volley ball, tennis, tekwondo, swimming, snooker, ruby union, ruby league, radiosport, martial arts, motor racing, lacrosse, ice hockey, horse racing, harness racing, hand ball, golf, Gaelic-athletic association, figure skating, field hockey, dogsled racing, cycling, cricket, Canadian football, boxing, basketball, baseball, Australian at football, athletics, association football, artistic gymnastics, American football, alpine skiing.

How many sports are in uk?

there over 17 which are football, rugby(union and league), tennis, motor racing, snooker, cricket, athletics, boking, golf, darts, gym, swimming, badminton, squash, water sport, skiing and others

What sports do they play in Singapore?

running,swimming,tennis,,basketball,football,boat racing etc......

Top ten participating sports in Britain?

Participation. 1. Football. 2. Swimming.* 3. Fishing. 4. Basketball. 5. Golf. 6. Rugby union. 7. Cricket. 8. Rugby league. 9. Snooker. 10. Tennis. * Many people would say swimming is an activity and not a sport in the sense of going swimming rather than swim racing.

What are ten of the sports that are included in the Olympics?

Swimming,motor bike riding,running racing,bike racing,reseling ,football,pole jumping ,shotput ,discuss,

What sports do Trinidad people play?

Soccer. Cricket. tennis swimming horseback riding table tennis car racing go-cart racing Running LOTS of stuffs trust me i have seen them!!

What are the popular sports in the philippines?

Basketball and boxing are most popular but other sports like volleyball,football,swimming,horse racing,motor racing are also appreciated.

What sports are in the happy valley in Hong Kong?

At the Jockey Club, there is horse racing. At the Football Club, there is rugby, football and hockey. There are also cricket, tennis, squash etc closeby.

List of Australian sports?

Sports Played in Australia: Rugby, Cricket, Golf, Soccer, Rowing, Sailing, Cycling, Martial Arts, Bowls, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Spear Fishing, Australian Rules Football, Athletics, Baseball, Horse Racing, Motorsport, Netball, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Softball, Tennis, Touch Football

List of sports Canadians play?

Sports such as baseball, basketball, football ,hockey, cricket, curling, field hockey, rugby, cricket and softball are also popular in Canada. These individual sports are also popular in Canada auto racing, boxing, cycling, golf, horse racing, skiing, snowboarding, swimming, tennis, track and field, water sports, and wrestling.

What sport's did they have in the 1890's?

They had most of the sports we have today such as:Swimming,Fishing,Baseball,Football,Boxing,Cricket,Tennis,Rugby,Horse Racing, and lots more.I hope I've helped you x

What sports can one bet on at the VCBet site?

The sports that one can bet on at the VCBet site includes American football, Boxing, Horse Racing, Motor Racing, Golf, Cricket, Rugby and a variety of other sports.

Recreational pastimes in Australia?

Swimming Water skiing Snow skiing cricket socer rugby basket ball orienteerig car racing picnics barbqs horse riding,

What are the three popular sports in Australia?

Cricket, Swimming, Netball, AFL, Rugby League, Tennis, Soccer, Horse Racing, anything really, Australians are known for their love of sport

What is the sport of Australia?

One of the most popular sports in Australia is rugby. Other sports played in the country include football, cricket, and horse racing.

In which sport might you see a jerk?


What were the sports in 1845?

Football Baseball Boxing Cricket Golf Horse racing Rowing Rudgy football Tennis Yacht racing

What are the top sports in Australia?

Some of the top sports in Australia are Australian Rules Football, Cricket, baseball, basketball. cycling, golf, horse racing, Motorsport, netball, rugby league, rugby union, soccer, softball, swimming, Tennis, Touch football and many more. If you want to know all the sports they play in Australia go to this website:

How many sports are played in australia?

Throughout the country a wide variety of sports are played. According to official government statistics, in 2005-06, the most popular sports in terms of crowd attendance were Australian rules football, horse racing, rugby league, motorsport, cricket, rugby union and soccer (association football) in descending order.Research by a marketing company found that those attracting the "most interest" among adults in capital cities during 2006-07 were cricket, swimming, tennis, Australian rules football, soccer, rugby league, rugby union and motor sport.

What sports were played in Edwardian times?

Lots of sports including: Hunting, shooting, Horse racing, gambling, theatre, football, cricket, rugby and the Olympics :D

What does Bar One Racing offer on their website?

Bar One Racing refers to a website that operates as a betting shop, telebetting and on-course service. Some of the sports available for betting on this site are American football, boxing, cricket and cycling.

What kind of sports do Hungarians play?

Well, Hungarians play a variety of games such as soccer and football. They play soccer in the cold months and play football in the warm summers of Hungary. Racing and swimming are also popular.