Who is considered to be the Best heavyweight Boxer in the history?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Rocky Marciono

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Q: Who is considered to be the Best heavyweight Boxer in the history?
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Best heavyweight boxer of all time?

John L Sullivan

What is Michael Sprott best known for?

Michael Sprott is best known for being a heavyweight boxer. He is from Reading in Berkshire, England and has held British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles.

Who is Jorge Quinones?

Jorge Washington Quiñónes Tenorio (b. ) is a Ecuadorian boxer best known to win Heavyweight Bronze at the PanAm Games 2007

Who is the best heavyweight boxer in the world?

Vitali Klitschko or Wladimir Klitschko, possibly Wladimir is now the better of the two, as Vitali is getting that little bit older.

Who is the second best boxer ever?

Since Sugar Ray Robinson is considered as the best boxer ever, I would say Muhammad Ali comes close to him.

What did joe frazier do to become famous?

unified the world heavyweight titles beat the previously undefeated Muhammad ali had arguably the best left hook in heavyweight history

Who was the best boxer ever lived?

The best Boxer who ever lived is Rocky Marciano. Undefeated with the highest KO ratio in the history of Boxing. Marciano had his own style and beat the best. Unfortunately he died in a plane crash.

Who is the smallest boxer?

zak Murphy is. he is 5 foot 7 and is 170 pound he goes to knutsford high school and is attempting to have a fight with one of the best boxer in the world riky hatton watch it on Sunday at 7.30 in the knutsford town centre and he is in the heavyweight title match

The Boxer Rebellion of 1900 is Best associated with what foreign policy concepts in US history?

It is best associated with the Open Door Policy.

What does Muhammad Ali want the world to remember him for?

For being one of the best boxer's in history and because of YOUR MOM!

Where was the boxer Chad Dawson born?

The American boxer named Chad Dawson was born in Hartsville, South Carolina on July 13, 1982. In 2012 he was considered the 10th best boxer on a pound for pound ranking.

Which American boxer born in 1966 is known for some of the best knockouts in boxing history?

An American boxer that was born in the year 1966 and is also known for some of the best knockouts in boxing history seems to be named Mike Tyson.This man has many important wins in his career.