Who is better man you or arsenal?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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As far as history, Manchester United has more trophies than Arsenal, and are currently doing better in the Premier league.

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Q: Who is better man you or arsenal?
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Who are better man united or arsenal?

Manchester united are better than arsenal

Who is better arsenal or man utd?

arsenal are better because...1. they have cool players2. they have a young team3. man u have Rooney4. we have cooler captain and manager5. man u sucks

Are man you good at football?

If you mean Man U, i think there alright. But Arsenal's better. lol =)

Is arsenal better than man utd in terms of play?

They are worse in all terms.

Who is better nani or ballack?

Ronaldo kaka zidane nasri Craig the man and barcalona arsenal

Who is a better football team arsenal or man united?

em probaly man u even though there rubbush lufc#1

Is arsenal better than atletico Madrid?

Yes Arsenal is far better.

Has arsenal beaten man united more than man united have beat arsenal?


Who are better Arsenal or Manchester United?


Who is better arsenal or Newcastle?

Arsenal without doubt.

Who is going to win preimeire league?

Chelsea because they are better than arsenal,man utd,tottenham,man city and every legue

15 players who played for 2 or more of arsenal chealsea man utd or Liverpool?

William Gallas (Arsenal and Chelsea) Emmanuel Petit (Arsenal and Chelsea) Lassina Diarra (Arsenal and Chelsea) Ashley Cole (Arsenal and Chelsea) Juan Sebastian Veron (Man Utd and Chelsea) Nicolas Anelka (Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea) Michael Thomas (Liverpool and Arsenal) Bolo Zenden (Chelsea and Liverpool) Jermaine Pennant (Arsenal and Liverpool) Michael Owen (Man Utd and Liverpool) Mark Hughes (Man Utd and Chelsea) Paul Ince (Man Utd and Liverpool) Mikael Silvestre (Man Utd and Arsenal) Andrew Cole (Arsenal and Man Utd) Mark Bosnich (Man Utd and Chelsea)