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Q: Has arsenal beaten man united more than man united have beat arsenal?
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Have arsenal beat Manchester united than they arsenal?

arsenal have beaten Manchester utd way more times

Has Arsenal beat Blackburn More times than they ave beat them?

yes arsenal has been a better team this year and has beat blackburn more times then blackburn has beaten arsenal. Blackburn has lost a lot of their concentraction and has been playing as well this year.

How many times have Arsenal beaten Chelsea at Stamford Bridge since the premiership began?

As of 2010, Arsenal had beaten Chelsea approximately fifteen times more than Chelsea had beaten Arsenal, consistent with the fact that Arsenal won the first two games the leagues played.

Who has won more trophies arsenal or Manchester united fc?

Manchester United has won more trophies than Arsenal.

Who is more liked Arsenal or Manchester United?


Who has more trophies arsenal or man united?

Arsenal has more trophies.

Have West Ham ever beaten Manchester United?

Yes they have. Up to the end of 2015, they have beaten them 42 times, though Manchester United have beaten them more often.

Who has more trophies Manchester united fc or arsenal fc?

arsenal have won more in total 18 man u 14

Who has won more trophies arsenal fFC or Manchester united FC?

Manchester United FC.

Who has had more managers Manchester United or Arsenal?

Arsenal have 18 fulltime and 5 caretaker managers, so that would be 23 managers. Manchester United have had 19 managers.

Did alex Ferguson win more games at man united then arsan wenger did at arsenal?

Yes, but partially because he has been at United longer than Arsene Wenger has at Arsenal.

Who is better man you or arsenal?

As far as history, Manchester United has more trophies than Arsenal, and are currently doing better in the Premier league.

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