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chris paul is way better Deron Williams is a scrub and all he could do is shoot and what team he play for the nets that's how you know hes whack the worst point guard in the leaugue Derrick rose is soon to be the best.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 16:48:48
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Q: Who is better deron Williams or chris paul?
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Who would you rather start a franchise with Chris Paul or Deron Williams?

Deron Williams Hands Down!

Will Dwight Howard Deron Williams or even Chris Paul end up in Mavs blue?

No, No, and No. Williams is a Net and will continue to be as they intend to spend money. The mavs can't afford Chris Paul. and Dwight Howard wants to stay in Orlando.

Who is better chris paul or rajon rondo?

chris paul is a better leader so i say chris paul

Who is better Nate Robinson or Chris Paul?

Chris Paul

Who is on the us mens basketball team for the Olympics?

Carmelo Anthony Jason Kidd Carlos Boozer Chris Paul Chris Bosh Tayshaun Prince Kobe Bryant Michael Redd Dwight Howard Dwyane Wade LeBron James Deron Williams

Who will be on the US 2008 NBA olympic team?

Dwaight Howard, Dwayne Wade , LeBron James , Chris Bosh , Carmello Anthony , Chris Paul , Kobe Bryant , Carlos Boozer , Michael Redd , Deron Williams , And Tayshaun Prince Are In The Olympic Team.

Who played in 2008 Beijing Olympics basketball for US?

Dywane Wade Kobe Bryant LeBron James Dwight Howard Chris Bosh Chris Paul Jason Kidd Michael Reed Deron Williams Carlos Boozer Tayshaun Prince Carmelo Anthony

What is the starting lineup for 2008 basketball dream team?

Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Deron Williams, Chris Bosh, Chris Paul, Michael Redd, Tayshaun Prince, Dwight Howard, Carlos Boozer & Jason Kidd.

Who is better Tim Duncan or Chris Paul?

Tim duncan used to be better but chris paul is better now

Who is better baron Davis or chris paul?

Chris Paul by a longshot

Who is better chris paul or kobe bryant?

chris paul is better they played 1 on 1 to 30 chris paul won 30-18

Who played on the us mens basketball team in the 2008 Olympics?

LeBron James,Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, Carlos Boozer, Jason Kidd, Chris Bosh, Dwight Howard, Michael Reed, Tashard Prince, Dywane Wade, Chris Paul, and Deron Williams

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