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iker casillas is the bestest goalie ..... for now

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Q: Who is better casillas or ochoa?
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Is memo Ochoa the best goalie?

No its surely Casillas!

Who is better neuer or casillas at goalkeeper?

Casillas, but very slightly.

Is lev yashin better than casillas?

yes, lev yashin is better than casillas

Who is better isaac Walsh or casillas?

casillas cause he's 92 overall

Who is better casillas or cech?

Casillas because hes 92 overall and Cech 89 overall

Who is better Ochoa or buffoon?

Totally Ochoa he is the best goalie in the world

Who's better Oswaldo Sanchez or Guillermo Ochoa?

Guillermo ochoa is way better totally yeah awesome i love him!!!!!! he's the best young goal keeper guillermo ochoa may be young but oswaldo is better and he has more experience

Who is a better goalkeeper casillas or cech?

I think petr cech bcus he is the best

What is Jason casillas's last name?


What is Casillas's population?

The population of Casillas is 6,500.

What is the birth name of Iker Casillas?

Iker Casillas's birth name is ker Casillas Fernndez.

What is the birth name of Jose Casillas?

Jose Casillas's birth name is Jose Casillas Contreras.

What is the birth name of Tony Casillas?

Tony Casillas's birth name is Tony Steven Casillas.

Is casillas better than van der sar?

Down to your own opinion, but yes he is.

Who is better david de gea or iker casillass?

iker casillas is better but david de gea is a great goalkeaper

Who is the world's best soccer goalie?

Buffon is best soccer goalie in the world.Actuallity, the best goalie in the world is Guillermo Fransisco Ochoa. His nickname is Memo Ochoa. He play with America in the Mexican First Division.Screw ochoa he is weak and plays against weak player in the Mexican first division its all about petre cechForget both of them the best goalie is Casillas by far that is the goalie.Buffon from Italy

What is the religion of iker casillas?

As Iker Casillas is a Spaniard he is a catholic.

What is Iker Casillas age?

Iker Casillas's age is 31

When was Martรญn Casillas born?

Martín Casillas was born in 1556.

When did Martรญn Casillas die?

Martín Casillas died in 1618.

How tall is Scott Casillas?

Scott Casillas is 5' 11".

How tall is Tony Casillas?

Tony Casillas is 6' 3".

Who is better cech or casillas?

Two very different keepers but in terms of who makes less mistakes and can remain calm and composed and taking into account one anothers height, i would have to go with Casillas

What boots does Iker Casillas wear?

Iker Casillas wears Adidas

Is Victor Valdes better than Iker Casillas?

It appears not because Iker is the one starting for Spain.