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Totally Ochoa he is the best goalie in the world

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Q: Who is better Ochoa or buffoon?
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What is a buffoon?

A buffoon is a clown a rude or vulgar fool

Buffoon in a sentence?

that kid is such a buffoon in this hole class.....

Who's better Oswaldo Sanchez or Guillermo Ochoa?

Guillermo ochoa is way better totally yeah awesome i love him!!!!!! he's the best young goal keeper guillermo ochoa may be young but oswaldo is better and he has more experience

When was Balakirev the Buffoon created?

Balakirev the Buffoon was created in 2002.

the meaning of Buffoon?

A buffoon is a clown a rude or vulgar fool

How do you spell buffoon?

That is the correct spelling of the noun "buffoon" (fool, clown).

What are some antonyms for the word buffoon?

An antonym of buffoon is someone serious.

How do you write a sentence with the word buffoon in it?

The girl was a buffoon in front of the boy she liked.

Where does the term buffoon come from?

Buffoon comes from the 1540s Middle French dance.

A sentence for buffoon?

Robin is a buffoon. At the party he stood on his head and sang Jingle Bells.

Use buffoon in a sentence?

my brother loves to act like a buffoon every day

Italian comic character is a cowardly buffoon?

please specify your question. Do you mean: which Italian comic character looks like(or is) a buffoon and is cowardly? Or is this cowardly buffoon its character?

Who is better casillas or ochoa?

iker casillas is the bestest goalie ..... for now

A detailed sentence containing the word buffoon?

He has a keen since of humor without becoming a buffoon.

What did buffoon mean in the past?

Many years ago if someone called you a "buffoon" it meant that you were stupid.

What are some adjectives describing a Buffoon?

A buffoon is a person who is a clown or jester. There are many adjectives that can be used to describe a buffoon. Some of these adjectives include 'comedic,' 'ridiculous,' 'hilarious,' and 'amusing.'

Who is better Ochoa or Michel?

Michel is the best one CHivas r the best!!!

What did Ellen Ochoa do to better the world?

She's the first women HISPANIC astronaut!! (:

How old is Harlequin?


What rhymes with balloon?

soon Buffoon

What is a joker clown or buffoon?

Merry Andrew

What is Ilie Nastase nickname?

Bucharest Buffoon

What is a harliquin?

Traditionally known as A clown or a buffoon.

What instrument does Adam Sandler play?

The buffoon.

What is a synonym for buffoon?

fool, jester, clown