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Chelsea have costly players Arsenal have young cheap developed players , who were discarded by the clubs, so Arsenal are better. Chelsea are old now all 33 years.

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Q: Who is better arsena or Chelsea?
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Arsena Odzelashvili was born in 1797.

When did Arsena Odzelashvili die?

Arsena Odzelashvili died in 1842.

Is Chelsea better than aresnal?

Chelsea is better than aresnal

Who is better manu or Chelsea?

Chelsea are Better than Manu By Far!

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Who is better man you or Chelsea?

Chelsea would

Who is better Chelsea or bayern Munich?


Which is better Chelsea or Liverpool in playing?

of course Chelsea Liverpool are crap their even worser than every team Chelsea is better Way!

Who is better Barcelona or Chelsea at soccer and Why?

Barcelona are better. They are better then Chelsea because they have young talent developed at home. Chelsea only buy costly olayers.Barcelona are a club of wizards,chelsea have few like drogba, Lampard.

What team are better Chelsea or Nottingham Forest?

The better team is Chelsea by miles as Chelsea are playing in the top division while Nottingham Forest play in the second division.TRUE but i H8 Chelsea

Does Fernando Torres like Liverpool or Chelsea?

He likes chelsea,because he knows he will do better at chelsea

Who is better arsenal or Chelsea?

Arsenal obviosly 110% i support Chelsea though