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He likes chelsea,because he knows he will do better at chelsea

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Q: Does Fernando Torres like Liverpool or Chelsea?
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Does Fernando Torres like fans?

Yes Fernando Torres likes his fans.

What does Torres like?

Fernando Torres likes football

What kind of music does Fernando Torres listen to?

Fernando Torres listen the songs like Spanish because he was born there.

Does Fernando Torres want to play for any other team?

No Fernando does not want to play for any other team until he is about 33 then he would like to play in Italy being a Liverpool fan myself this pleased me when i herd this also he would never join Manchester united he hates them. :) yes he dose Chelsea

Where does Fernando Torres like to go?

playing for chlesea

Is Chelsea going to sell Fernando Torres?

No. AVB is going to stand by him, especially with Anelka leaving in January for a Chinese Team and Drogba will be away at the African Cup in January. So although he hasn't come close to reflecting his talents like when he played for Liverpool, him and Daniel Sturridge will be starting a lot more.

Does Fernando Torres like his fans?

While he was playing for Liverpool FC, he appeared to like his fans. When he left though, he did not give any recognition, even mistreated, his fans. He retracted it, but who knows if he retracted it for feeling or publicity.

Why don't some people like Fernando Torres?

The people who hate him are not Liverpool or Spain fans, because he is one of the greatest players in the Premiership. And maybe some Liverpool fans don't like him because he is always injured. On the other hand he may be going to Man City this summer in which case Liverpool fans will detest him.

Are sergio ramos and Fernando Torres related?

No they are not. However they look a lot a like.

The words of the Fernando Torres song?

his armband proved he was a red Torres Torres you'll never walk alone it said Torres Torres we bought the lad from sunny Spain he gets the ball and he scores again Fernando Torres liverpools number nine el capitan de athletico Torres Torres the youngest ever muchacho Torres Torres at 17 he made the team he made them cry he made them dream Fernando Torres liverpools number 9 spanish international Torres Torres he won the European final Torres Torres he scored the goal that won the cup he made the other team give up Fernando Torres liverpools number nine he plays up front with Steve Gerrard Torres Torres misfortune only makes him hard Torres Torres he runs like he is ******* mad he makes a decent team look bad Fernando Torres liverpools number 9 still he's pretty down to earth Torres Torres he's every single penny worth Torres Torres unlike a certain Portuguese he doesnt doesnt dive if u just sneeze Fernando Torres liverpools number nine he's ever single womans dream Torres Torres but is he horny is he keen Torres Torres im sorry girls hes got a wag and only ollala he'll shag Fernando Torres liverpools number nine

What 6 players play have played for 2 top like Aresenal Liverpool Manchester United Chelsea Premier League teams and La Lega team?

Luis nani, Rooney, van presie ,fabregas. Torres

Will Chelsea win the barclays premier league this season?

At the present moment Liverpool's one point clear of Chelsea, Liverpool is not far behind in second place. Soccers really unpredictable i mean like Aston Villa could beat both Chelsea and Liverpool and top the ladder, who knows. Chelsea has high odds this year of winning it. I don't think Liverpool can hold onto their top spot. Well that's my opinion.

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