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the lakers because Kobe has a better mid-jumpshot than lebron and lebron barely has anybody to help him and Kobe has pau gasol Ron artest and shannon brown all lebron has is verejoe moe Williams and shaq the lakers have a better coach they have Phil Jackson the cavs just has mike brown the lakers have a better roster a better coach and more talent so the answer is very clear any questions? And by the way, that was the answer for the years before 2011. In 2011, LeBron moved to the Maimi Heat. So Lakers by a lot.

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2011-09-13 15:54:21
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Q: Who has a better team the Cavaliers or the Lakers?
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How much is a Cavaliers basketball signed by every member of the team?

yes they are the best team in nba. i don't like the lakers. i think lebron James better than Kobe whatever his nsme is. hahahahahah lakers are not better than the cavaliers

Who is better cavaliers or lakers?

cavaliers i mean hey they got lebron James man or if ur opinion is on lakers i think cavas r better

Who is better Los Angeles Lakers or Cleveland cavaliers?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are better because LeBron James shoots the ball better than Kobe Bryant.

How many games have the la lakers won?

For the 2009-2010 season, the Lakers won 57 games. They finished the regular season as the second best team in the league. Only the Cavaliers did better.

Which team is the best in NBA in 2009?

tecnically, the Cleveland cavaliers, realistically, the LA Lakers

Is Cleveland Cavaliers Lakers?

No they are not. The Cleveland Cavaliers are a separate NBA franchise to the Los Angeles Lakers. The lakers are from Los Angeles, California and the Cavaliers are located in Cleveland, Ohio.

What team is better lakers or celtics?


What team is rivals with the Detroit Pistons?

The Cleveland Cavaliers. The Las Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics

Who is a better basketball team the Dallas mavericks or the Cleveland cavaliers?

The Cleveland Cavaliers

Which is the better team lakers or spurs?

l.a. lakers are best

How many team did shaquille o'neal play for?

6 the celtics, cavaliers, lakers, heat, magics, and suns

Did Eric Snow ever play on the lakers basketball team?

No, Eric Snow did not play for the Los Angeles Lakers. He did play for the Seattle Supersonics, Philadelphia 76ers and Cleveland Cavaliers.

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