Who is better Federer or Nadal?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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This is a very controversial and subjective question regarding tennis. It depends on a lot of factors. Federer has has won almost every tournament there is in tennis.

This is similarly to the famous question: "PC or MAC?"

If your referring to purely rankings, according to the ATP World Rankings for Men's Singles, Nadal is currently No. 1 w/ 12450 points and Federer is No. 2 w/ 9145 points.

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firstly federer is going to retire soon so nadal has the chance to win more tournaments. futhermore, nadal is more entertaining and skill full so i would pick nadal :)

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Q: Who is better Federer or Nadal?
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Who is better nedal or federer?

Federer rules! Federer is much better. P.S It is spelled Nadal not Nadel.

Who is better Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer?

They are both terrific sports men. Nadal can beat Federer on a regular basis. Federer has won more titles. Nadal is only 24 and has loads of years left to get more titles than Federer. Federer was number one for the most consecutive years. Nadal is much more entertaining. Overall, I would have to say: Rafael Nadal

Is Roger Federer better than Rafael Nadal?

Rafa is better by 1%

Can Nadal beat Federer in Wimbledon?

Nadal beat Federer in 2008.

Is Federer better than Nadal?

OF COURSE HE IS! Well, in my opinion, anyway. I mean, Nadal won't ever be as graceful and perfect as Federer. But hands down, Nadal deserves a lot of credit. He works really hard!

Who do you like federer or nadal?

Roger Federer

Who is more ugly federer or nadal?

Roger federer is more good looking so nadal must be more ugly!

What country does nadal play for?

Federer: Switzerland Nadal: Spain

Was Nadal an underdog at Wimbledon 2008?

Since Federer was on a historic streak of 11 Majors in 4 years, Nadal was the underdog and Federer was the favorite.

Who won the wimbleson 2008 men?

Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer in the longest Wimbledon final match ever to win the men's single title in 2008. He had lost t he previous 2 finals to Federer, but finally came thru in 2008.

Who wan the most game played between rafeal nadal and rojer federer?

Nadal HAS THE MOST WINS!!!! the series between these 2 is 13-7, Therefore Nadal has beaten federer more times.

Who is the world no1 now for tennis Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal?

Sadly Rafael Nadal. But Lately Federer beat him the last 2 times they played.