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Q: Who is better Eli Manning or Mathew Stafford?
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Who to start this week for your fantasy teamMatthew Stafford Eli Manning or Tom Brady?


Is Eli Manning and Peyton Manning twins?

No. Peyton Manning is 4 years older than Eli Manning.

Who is better Tony Romo or Eli Manning?

Eli! <3333

Who is a better quarterback Eli Manning or Aaron Rodgers?

Eli mannong

Who is better Eli Manning or Peyton Manning?

Peyton is way better, but when you think about it Peyton is just as equally good at Football as Eli is. (But i vote for Eli because that's my opinion, and it only matters on who you like better.)

Who is older Eli or Peyton?

Older brother Peyton Manning was born March 24, 1976. Younger brother Eli Manning was born January 3, 1981.

Who is better Ely Manning or Michael Jordan?

eli manig is beter

Who is older Eli or Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning is older then Eli Manning. Peyton is Eli's older brother.

Who has a better NFL record Peyton Manning or Ben Roethlisberger?

Ben Roethlisberger? But #Eli Manning has a better record that either

Who is better Tom Brady or Eli Manning?

tom brady is way better he has 3 super bowls and I DON'T WANT TO HERE ELI MANNING HAS BEATEN TWICE IN THE SUPER BOWL OK!And another thing eli manning has had 1 good year Tom Brady has had a great year since he was a rookie.eli manning has never had a M.V.P.also it took eli manning 8 years to have a good year not even a great year a good year.

Is wade manning the father of Eli and Peyton Manning?

no the father on Eli and Peyton Manning is Archie Manning

If Eli Manning beat Tom Brady and Peyton Manning lost to Tom Brady why is Eli Manning not the better quarterback?

It's a team game, it does not revolve around one guy. And besides, both Mannings defeated Brady in the playoffs once.