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Ashley Cole

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Q: Who is best left back in football?
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Who is the best left back in the football world 2010?

Ashley Cole!

Best left back in the world in football?

Jose Enrique (Newcastle Utd) Fact

Who is best left defender of football in the world?

john terry is the best and puyol ,pique are also good None of the above are left backs. The current left back in the UEFA team of the season is Marcelo of Real Madrid.

Who is the best left back in the football world?

According to the FIFA World Team of the year the best left back in the world 2009 is:Patrice Evra, playing for Manchester United and Francesource: now, Ashley Cole is (2010). I think he was voted best left back in the world this year.

The best stregrhs in the football field as a runningback?

The best strengthen as a running back is the arms. This is in football.

What position does LCB stand for in football?

Left Central Back - In other words, he can be used both as Left back and Central back.

How is better than messi at football?

Mack reed who plays left back and plays for peebles football club

What does pound stand for in football positions?

line backer or left back if you are in the UK

Who is the best Defensive Back in college football?

Eric Berry

What is the best position in football?

running back & wide receiver

What football boots are best for a centre back?

Copa mundial

Who is Ashley cole?

Ashley cole is a footballer who plays for Chelsea and plays left back Ashley Cole is the greatst left back to ever play the game of football. He scores more than almost any other defender. He is simply the best.

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