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Eric Berry

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Q: Who is the best Defensive Back in college football?
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Who is the best defensive coordinator in college football?

Bud Foster

Who is the best Defensive Lineman in college football?

AnswerNdamukong Suh

What is Ronnie Lott famous for?

Ronnie Lott was famous for being a college and professional football player. He was considered one of the best defensive back's in the NFL history. He later went on to do broadcasting for the NFL.

What is the best defensive for your fantasy football?

The best defensive team right now is the Tennessee titans

Who is the best college football running back of all time?

Adrian Peterson is the best.

Who is the best quarter back in college football?

either terrlle pryor or cam newton

Is big 10 the best conferance in college football?

No, the SEC is the best college-football conference.

Who is the best Running Back in college football?

Tie between Javon Ringer and Jehu Caulcrick

What are the best rivals in college football?

Without a doubt, the best rivalry in college football is Ohio state and Michigan.

Who is the best college football team ever?

Nebraska 1971

Who is the best HB in college football?

the best running back in college football my top 5 list is probably 5 Bo Jackson 4 Tony Dorsett 3 Herschel Walker 2 Doak Walker 1 Archie Griffin

What is the best football position?

Defensive end for defense, and tight end for offense

Best record in college football the last 5 years?

Best College football record over the last 5 years

When was Best College Football Player ESPY Award created?

Best College Football Player ESPY Award was created in 1993.

When did Best College Football Player ESPY Award end?

Best College Football Player ESPY Award ended in 2001.

Which team has the best record in college football?

The Michigan Wolverines have the best record of any school in all divisions of college football history.

What is the best defensive position in volleyball?

d.s defensive specalist also known as libero or middle back

What is Vince Wilfork famous for?

Vince Wilfork is an American footballer. He played college football for the University of Miami and was drafted to the New England Patriots in 2004. He is famous for his defensive tackles, which are considered some of the best in the NFL.

Who is the best Return Man in college football?

DeSean Jackson is the most dangerous return man in college football

What is the best football college?


Best defensive back of all time?

Deion Sanders

Who would win between the Detroit Lions and the best High School football team in America?

The Detroit Lions would win, because the NFL pulls out the best of the best college football players and college football takes the best high school football players. The Lions would win easy.

Who was the best football player who wore number 75?

Hall of Fame defensive end Deacon Jones.

Which college football conference is the best?


Best college football confrence?

the SEC