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the centre is allowed everywheer in the Netball court besides the goal circles

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Q: Who is allowed on the majority of the court in netball?
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Who is allowed on the majority of the netball court where arthey not allowed to go?

center,the center is not allowed in the goal circles

How many thirds of the court is the centre allowed in netball?


Where is a Gk allowed on the court of netball?

Gk is allowed in the defending third only and the 'D'.

Where is goal defense allowed in netball court?

goal defence is allowed up to the second line

In netball where is the center aloud?

In netball, the centre is allowed all over the court exceot in either goal circle.

Where is the gs allowed in netball?

They are allowed to move around 1/3 of the court on the offensive part of the court, including the semi-D^^

Where is WD allowed on the netball court?

WD or Wing Defence is allowed in the first 2 thirds of the court, the third they are in and the middle third. They are not allowed in the goal circle.

How many people are allowed on at once in netball?

there are allowed to be 7 people on the court at once but 10 people on a team

How far is a ball allowed to travel in the game of netball?

up to 1/3 of the court.

What is the area of a netball court?

what is the area of a netball court

What is the description of offsite in a netball game?

I think you mean offside. If you do, in netball each position has an area in which they are allowed to go in which is separated but the lines on the court. However if a position goes in an area of the court where they are not allowed, then a free pass will be awarded to the other team

What does center do in a netball game?

In a netball game center starts of with the ball in the circle and then is allowed to run the whole court except for both of the goal circles

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