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Adam gilchrist

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2011-09-13 16:32:11
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Q: Who is a better wicket keeper between MS Dhoni and Adam Gilchrist?
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What is the name of the Australian wicket keeper?

right now the wicket keeper is Brad Haddin. Previously, and more famous, Adam Gilchrist was wicket keeper.

Who is leading Wicket keeper who has taken the highest catches in history of cricket?

Gilchrist is the wicket keeper with most number of catches numbering 379.

Who is good gilchrist or dhoni?

Gilchrist as he has scored more runs than Dhoni and he is also a good wicket keeper than Dhoni.

Who is the wicket keeper of Kings XII Punjab?

Adam gilchrist is a kings xii panjab capten

Which wicket keeper holds the record for most taken wickets Stumped?

Adam gilchrist from australiya

What is the distance between the wicket keeper and wicket?

2 yards

Who is the wicket keeper who has the most world cup cricket dismissals?

Adam Gilchrist is the keeper who has the most world cup dismissals,and total number of dismissals are 52

Who is India's first wicket keeper?

Janardan Navle is India's first wicket keeper.

What is the name for the wicket keeper's gloves?

it does not have a name, we just call it wicket keeper gloves

Is substitute stand as a wicket keeper?

Yes, a substitute can stand as a wicket keeper during the match.

Who is the best wicket keeper in cricket?

Ian Healy - Australia, good keeping skillsAdam Gilchrist - Australia, excellent keeping and extra-ordinary batting skillsMark Boucher - South Africa, for excellent wicket-keeping and extra-ordinary batting skillsWicket Keeper should have the batting skills too otherwise it would difficult for the team.In today's International Cricket, M.S.Dhoni is the perfect example of an excellent Wicket Keeper & an excellent Batsmen.

Who is the wicket keeper of Mumbai Indians?

Luke Ronchi was the wicket keeper last season.Now this season it is Pinal Shah.

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