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This "girl" named Yvonne.

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Q: Who is Tom Daleys boyfriend?
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What is Tom Daleys middle name?


What are Tom Daleys' sibling names?

Tom's brothers are Will and Ben. Tom is the eldest.

What is Tom Daleys sponsorship?

Tom has a lot of sponsers such as Adidas and Mini

What was Tom Daleys dad called?

it was Rob Daley;)

Does anyone else dive in Tom Daleys family?


What is Tom Daleys full name?

thomas robeert daley

What is Tom Daleys favourite food?

Country fried chicken

What are Tom Daleys hobbies?

Diving and wearing speedos, eww.

What are Tom Daley's parents called?

tom daleys parents are named emily and zach

What does Tom Daleys girlfriend look like?

Tom doesn't have a girlfriend relationship at present.

Who is Tom Daleys roll model?

Tom has always looked up to his father. Their relationship is the subject of a documentary called "Tom Daley: The Diver and His Dad".

What is Tom Daleys favourite movie?

I Dont Know. Wait!!. Try Asking Somebody Else .. xX

Is any of Tom Daleys friends at the Olympics?

chris meers, jack laugher, tonia couch, sarah barrow

What are Tom Daleys brothers names?

Ben is the youngest William is a bit older hope i answerd your question :D

Who was Tom Daleys mum and dad called?

His mum's name is Debbie Daley and his dad's name was Robert Daley

What are Tom Daleys aspirations for London 2012?

To win Gold in the 10 meter diving events with his team mate Peter Waterfield.

Who was Tom Daleys partner in Olympics?

Blake Aldridge. Daley and Aldridge finished 8th in men's synchronized platform diving at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

Who has the first name of tom?

Tom cruise, Tom from Tom and Jerry, my moms boyfriend, and Tom hanks

Who was Katie Holmes' boyfriend before Tom Cruise?

tom brady

Who is monica seles boyfriend?

Tom Golisano

Does kristi lee of the bob and tom show have a boyfriend?

Yes she does. His name is Tom, but he's not Tom from the Show.

Does Logan tom have a boyfriend?

she had an Italian boyfriend when she was playing there during 2004-05 season.

Who ts the boyfriend of Bea Alonzo?

tom hull

Does Tom Daley have a girlfrieand?

No. Tom recently announced he has a boyfriend but didn't feel the need to say who it is.

When will Tom Daley have a girlfriend?

Probably after his career in diving has come to an end. Tom has just announced he has a boyfriend.