What does Tom Daleys girlfriend look like?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Tom doesn't have a girlfriend relationship at present.

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Q: What does Tom Daleys girlfriend look like?
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What are Tom Daleys favorite things?


What is Tom Daleys middle name?


What are Tom Daleys' sibling names?

Tom's brothers are Will and Ben. Tom is the eldest.

What is Tom Daleys sponsorship?

Tom has a lot of sponsers such as Adidas and Mini

Who is Tom Daleys boyfriend?

This "girl" named Yvonne.

What was Tom Daleys dad called?

it was Rob Daley;)

What are Tom Daley's parents called?

tom daleys parents are named emily and zach

Does anyone else dive in Tom Daleys family?


What is Tom Daleys's childhood?

It was quite hard for him at his former school because he got bullied.

Who is Tom Daleys roll model?

Tom has always looked up to his father. Their relationship is the subject of a documentary called "Tom Daley: The Diver and His Dad".

What is the name of daleys girlfriend?

Tom Daley is currently in a relationship with american gay rights activist and screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, who is more than double Daley's age. They got together in the spring of 2013.

What is Tom Daleys favourite movie?

I Dont Know. Wait!!. Try Asking Somebody Else .. xX