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carmelo irante

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Q: Who is Carmelo Anthony's dad?
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Where is carmelo anthonys dad from?

puerto Rico

What is carmelo anthonys gamertag on xbox live?

M a y i3 e

Who is Carmelo Anthony's dad?

carmelo irante

Who is carmelo anthonys wife?

Lala Vasquez

Is Carmelo Anthony american?

hell yea and im his dad

What is Carmelo Anthonys mail address?

His fan mail adddres is: Carmelo Anthony c/o BDA Sports Management 822 Ashley Lane Suite A Walnut Creek, CA 94597 USA

Is carmelo anthony's mother mexican-american?

hell yea and im his dad

Who were Susan B. Anthonys family members?

her sibling were guelma,daniel read,mary,eliza(died at age2),AND JACOB MERRITT AND THE DAD WAS DANIEL ANTHONY.

How was mission carmelo destroyed?

was mission Carmelo destroyed how was mission Carmelo destroyed

What has the author Carmelo Rebullida written?

Carmelo Rebullida has written: 'Carmelo Rebullida'

What has the author Carmelo Zotti written?

Carmelo Zotti has written: 'Carmelo Zotti'

What is the birth name of Carmelo Anthony?

Carmelo Anthony's birth name is Carmelo Kyan Anthony.

What is the birth name of Carmelo Rodriguez?

Carmelo Rodriguez's birth name is Carmelo Rodrguez III.

What is the birth name of Carmelo Martinez?

Carmelo Martinez's birth name is Carmelo Martinez Salgado.

What actors and actresses appeared in Carmelo - 2000?

The cast of Carmelo - 2000 includes: Sandra Equihua as Carmelo

Did Carmelo Anthony have cancer?

No, NeNe is the one who was diagnosed with cancer. And Carmelo Anthony's father (also named Carmelo Anthony) died of cancer when carmelo was two years old.

Who influenced carmelo Anthony?

Carmelo Anthony was influenced by his child.

What is the birth name of Carmelo Bene?

Carmelo Bene's birth name is Carmelo Pompilio Realino Antonio Bene.

What is Anthonys last name in metro station?


When was Susan B. Anthonys speech given?

in 1865

Is st anthonys a good school?

yes it is great

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at anthonys flowewr fa

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What was susan b anthonys skin color?


What is Carmelo Anthony's nickname?

"Melo" is Carmelo Nickname