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Abner Doubleday invented Baseball so I imagine he invented the first rules. I know through the years they have changed as baseball has evolved, so it would be a combination of people now.

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Q: Who invented the rules of baseball?
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Was baseball invented at Fort Sumter?

No, but Abner Doubleday who invented baseball's rules was stationed there as a union officer.

Why were rules invented for baseball?

they were invented to make the game safer.people were getting hurt when there was not any was very smart to ivent rules

Who invented the first set of official American baseball rules?

Alexander cartwright

Why was kickball invented?

Kickball (originally called Kick Baseball) was invented by Nicholas Seuss in 1917. It was used by physical education teachers to teach children the rules of baseball.

What do Fort Sumter and baseball have in common?

Abner Doubleday ( who invented baseball's rules ) was stationed in Fort Sumter as a Union officer.

Who was theinventer of baseball?

It is unknown who invented baseball. There are few records of the beginnings of baseball before the New York Knickerbocker club's first written rules.

Who was President when baseball was invented?

When Alexander Cartwright devised the Original Rules of Baseball in 1845 the President of the United States was Zachary Taylor.

Who was the persone that invented the rules of basketball?

Dr James Naismith invented basketball and its original rules

How did baseball get to where it is?

Alexander Cartwright invented baseball. Sort of, he made a version of it. Over time baseball reps have tinkered with the rules and make changes where they feel is necessary. Like the new wild card for example

Who invented divisibility rules?

They were discovered, not invented.

How long has baseball been invented?

Major league baseball was founded in 1869 and the most titles are held by the New York Yankees. The colleges used to play baseball but it was not official and the rules have been changed since then.

What date was baseball invented?

Baseball as we know it today was not invented at any one time or by any one person. It evolved from he English game of rounders and the American game of town ball. Shane Foster, in 1845, was the first to WRITE DOWN many rules that are common today.

Who invented the game baseball and what is its history?

Not one person invented the game. Baseball's earliest known "existence" was in an old English game called "rounders." It consisted of a short field and bases. The field was so short do to the fact that the battered balls did not hit far. As the sport grew new rules were added. More and more rules were added to the point of the Civil War when it was first called baseball, supposedly in Cooperstown, NY and that is why the Hall of Fame is located their.

Where can you find information or video on baseball rules?

Go on line to and search for rules, or google baseball rules.

Who invented the road rules?

The Inventor of Road rules was Michael Anderson

What were the first rules of baseball?

The original rules of baseball were developed by Alexander Cartwright in 1845. Click on the 'Original Rules of Baseball' link on this page to read all about them.

Who invented the rules of soocer?


How many rules are in Major League Baseball?

there are 45 rules for baseball in MLB

What are the rules in baseball in 1900s?

No rules

How was the baseball bat invented?

how was the baseball bat originally invented

What year was field hockey invented?

The modern rules for the game of field hockey was invented in 1849, the same year as the first club to use those rules.

What year were baseball cleats invented?

what year were baseball cleats invented???

What is the name of the person invented baseball?

Abner Doubleday invented baseball.

Who and were the baseball was invented?

Babe Ruth and Ricky Samuel invented baseball.

When was baseball invented and by who?

alexander joy cartwright invented baseball in 1845